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Mars experienced thousands of supervolcanic eruptions: nasa

The researchers of NASA claim that the ”northern region of Mars planet ” Arabia Terra” experienced thousands of “super-eruptions” over a 500-million-year period about 4 billion years ago.’ As per the NASA researcher, the eruption was heavily powerful which changes the fate of the MARS. Scientists have also claimed that the effect will lead to climate change for decades. The Space agency researchers have also published a scientific paper on the topic.

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Court warns Kangana with the arrest warrant

A Mumbai court on Tuesday warned the actress ”Kangana Ranaut to appear before the court on the next hearing in the Javed Akhtar defamation case.” The next hearing is on September 20 and if the actress fails to appear before the court, an arrest warrant will be issued against her. Meanwhile, Kangana’s lawyer has claimed that the actress is showing covid 19 Symptoms. Famous actor and lyricist ”Javed Akhtar has filed the defamation case against Kangana Ranaut.”

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Hindi making strong identity globally: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi addresses the ‘Nation’ on the occasion of ”Hindi Diwas” and also appreciated their efforts for playing a remarkable role in making Hindi a capable language”. Prime minister along with his Cabinet colleagues including Home Minister, Defense Minister, and Chief-ministers of various States wishes the Nation. ‘Hindi’ is making a strong identity on the global stage” due to the efforts of people, he added. Hindi in the Devanagari script is India’s official language.

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India to get 3rd list of Swiss bank details

Under the ”automatic exchange of information pact with Switzerland,” India will get the third set of Swiss bank account details of its nationals within the Month. It will be for the first time that these details will include the data about real estate properties owned by Indians there. The information about contributions to non-profit organizations still remains out of bounds.

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Cowin launches new API ‘Know Your Customer’s Vaccination Status’

Cowin has developed a new API called ‘Know Your Customer’s/Client’s Vaccination Status’, or KYC-VS. With this new API, people will be able to whether a person has been vaccinated against coronavirus or not, the Union Health Ministry said on Friday. In order to check the status, the individual needs to enter his/her mobile number and name, followed by an OTP. Cowin will then send a response between 0-2, where 2 represents full vaccination, to the verifying entity.

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