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Cowin launches new API ‘Know Your Customer’s Vaccination Status’

Cowin has developed a new API called ‘Know Your Customer’s/Client’s Vaccination Status’, or KYC-VS. With this new API, people will be able to whether a person has been vaccinated against coronavirus or not, the Union Health Ministry said on Friday. In order to check the status, the individual needs to enter his/her mobile number and name, followed by an OTP. Cowin will then send a response between 0-2, where 2 represents full vaccination, to the verifying entity.

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Is Facebook, Twitter to remain unoperational in India from tomorrow?

Social media giants, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may face a ban in India as per the guidelines set by the Indian government where the deadline is on 25th of May. Asper the government’s officials these company has to complied with the new regulations. However, the facebook has said that- the company is in the way to implement operational processes and aims to comply with the provisions.

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SITI Broadband Offers 200 Mbps Plan for Less than Rs 900 Per Month

A private broadband company, SITI broadband provides service in nine states of India, has superfast internet offer at cheap rates. Now the company is offering one of the cheapest 200 Mbps broadband plans in all of India. SITI Broadband provides services in Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Uttarakhand, and Telangana.

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India to offer over $1 Billion to chip makers who manufacture locally: Report

The government is offering more than $1 billion in cash incentives to each semiconductor company that sets up manufacturing units in the country, Reuters reported on Wednesday. The government will assure it will be a buyer and there will also be mandates in the private market. The move comes as the government plans to build on its smartphone assembly industry.

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