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Chinese government offers cash subsidies to couples to have babies

Couples with Three Children in Linze county of China’s Gansu province will be offered cash by the Government of China. Any Family with three children in Linze will get a lump sum payment of 5,000 yuan ($777) with the third childbirth whereas 10,000 yuan per year until the child reaches the age of three. Currently, the Chinese part of Linze county in Gansu province is facing a major decrease in the number of permanent residents.

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Modi, Putin hold ‘detailed conversation: Details.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir had a detailed conversation over phone on the on-going situation of Afghanistan- PM Modi tweeted. We also had a discussion on bilateral agenda, including India-Russia cooperation against COVID-19. We agreed to continue close consultations on important issues,” PM Modi tweeted.

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‘Conclusion to long nightmare’: Tharoor after verdict on SUNANDA’S DEATH CASE

Congress leader Sashi Tharoor welcomed the court;s verdict on his wife’s death case. Delhi Court discharge him in the case of Sunanda’s death. “significant conclusion to the long nightmare”- Tharoor said while expressing thanks to the Court. “I have weathered dozens of unfounded accusations and media vilification patiently, sustained by my faith in the Indian judiciary, which today stands vindicated’- he also added.

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Taliban militant give hijabs, headscarves to girls going to school

Taliban fighters handed out hijabs, headscarves to Girls going to school in Herat city of Afganistan. As per the press reports, these militants asked the school girls to put them on. Mean-while, a Taliban’s official appeared on the TV screen, giving interview to the female news anchor. In present, the Talibans are portraying a moderate stance, promising to respect women’s rights.

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